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Difference between PVC and NBR yoga mat

Date:2021-09-09   Visits:1597

安全登录新乐游戏 NBR cushion is soft and thick. It is suitable for beginners to practice yoga. It has a small taste and is environmentally friendly.

In terms of quality, TPE environmentally friendly materials will be better, but the relative price will also be higher. What do I think

PVC is also common. Yoga halls are generally this kind. It is best to choose foaming technology, which is soft and light.

In terms of personal needs, different learning priorities will lead to different needs. Yoga, which focuses on flexibility training, spends most of its time sitting on a cushion. If the cushion is thicker and softer, it will be more comfortable to sit. NBR is more appropriate.

However, if it is power yoga or Ashtanga Yoga, which is mainly beating type, the cushion should not be too hard, and the requirements for skid resistance should also be higher. Why? Because the cushion is too soft, it will be difficult to do many actions standing on it (especially the balance actions such as tree style). This kind of Yoga action that will sweat a lot will slip if there is no cushion with better anti slip degree.

If you have practiced yoga for a period of time or have some experience, and the posture is not so static, but the intensity is not particularly large and sweating, but between the two, you'd better choose a thinner one. Because it is like a car with a very soft suspension system, driving on a mountain road will be like taking a boat. The thick cushion will lose the feeling of contact with the ground, and there will be a "distortion" feeling when doing many actions. In foreign countries, most yoga practitioners love to use thin cushions, which is the reason. If you feel that your knees are uncomfortable when you kneel on the thin cushion, you can put a towel under your knees.

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